albert marcoeur

"To record the car horns and the engines accelerating at the beginning of “Monsieur Lépousse”, we had two solutions : either we recorded the sounds separately on a portable tape recorder and transferred them onto several tracks of two-inch tape, or we recorded everything at once, live. Everyone felt the second solution was less tedious and more fun.
The five percussionists sat at the wheel of their instrument, parked in a semi-circle for the stereo effect, and rehearsed the car-horn bits, first silently, to spare the batteries…
Mikes were placed near the engines and exhaust pipes and the five “vehiclists” started their instruments.
As the sound of accelerating comes after one presses of the foot pedal, we had to anticipate the commands by a semi-quaver, in order to get the crescendos in the right places.
After a while, we couldn't breathe and had to turn off the engines. Quick break. Quick cigarette!… Ignition and back to work.
Today, we would have sampled all the sounds, we would have fed them in at the right times and places. We would have spared ourselves the fuming exhaustion and the exhaust fumes of engines that unfortunately had never heard of unleaded petrol or catalytic converters."

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Christian Leroux : Citroën Mehari (3 hp)
Géard Marcoeur : Renault 2 CV (3 hp)
Claude Marcoeur : VW Beetle (7 hp)
Pierre Vermeire : Citroën Ami 8 (3 hp)
Denis Brély : Renault 4 CV (4 hp)