Today, True Vine is truly honored to feature another French recording star, Francoise Hardy, who is beloved by fans for her shy demeanor, angelic voice, timeless beauty, and charming personality. We are sharing with you our interview with her. 

TV: Who are your musical influences? 

FH: I have always been in love with music. I especially loved the music of Georges Guetary, Paul Anka, Charles Tenet, and Cora Voucaire. They inspired me to write my own songs. 

TV: Why did you announce that you were releasing your last album when you were at the peak of your career? 

FH: I always told myself that I wanted to stop performing before I reach 50. I wanted to rest and to focus on my family. I wanted to live a laid-back life, away from the limelight. I also wanted to pursue my interest in astrology. 

TV: What pushed you to make a comeback in the music industry? 

FH: I found good projects and good people to work with. It was an opportunity that I could not turn my back on. I signed a recording contract with Virgin Music and we started working on my new album “Le Danger.” It proved to be a good decision because the album got a lot of awards from the British music industry. I also got to work with other talented artists and musicians.  

TV: Where are you now in your life? 

FH: I am at that point in my life where I am comfortable with the music that I produce and I just want to share that love with everybody. Music is an important part of my life. It is also a bonding moment with my son. Music is a gift we give to all our supporters who have shown so much love to our family all these years.