When we opened the store a few years ago, Dr. Stew got turned on to the LA hip-hop label Stones Throw and started yelling to everyone about Captain Funko, who released a few miscellaneous tracks and one five-song EP called Villain Style of maniacal space-metal-funk.  Over the years, it has become one of our all-time favorite records.  So, when he found out Funkaho had a Myspace page, we sent a batch of questions.  Here's what we got back.:

Whatup. This is Jeff Jank writing. I performed on every Funkaho record, recorded & produced them. I hope you don't mind me answering these questions for you.

Q:  First of all, why has there been no new Funkaho release in three years?
A:  There was some jail involved. Nothing serious tho. Funkaho's identity was revealed to a core group, so he's started recording under another name that I'm not at liberty to divulge. Funkaho's anti-everything. Before [recording for] Stones Throw, he would only record on cassette. Now it's only vinyl. He was really pissed hearing that "Bootay" will be issued on the CD copy of Stones Throw: Ten Years [compilation], coming next January. He was less pissed when he got his $150 royalty check. We might even have Funkaho on iTunes soon.

Q:  Did anyone send a copy of Villain Style to Mike Watt?
A:  No. You're referring to the cover on Villain Style, of course, and that was a nod to Raymond Pettibon as much as anyone else. We were down in San Pedro for that History of Pedro Punk show though. From Black Flag to FYI, tons of good stuff from down there. We sent copies to Giorgio Moroder and Arthur Baker, at Funkaho's request.

Q:  Apart from being raised by goats, what are Captain Fukaho's "issues"?
A:  There's no issue with goats...  He's just into goats, that's all. What about it? He wasnt really raised by goats anyway, that's kind of a joke. A bad one. Issues? ... Let's just say he's got identity problems.

Q:  Word from the back of PB Wolf's 666 mix indicates that Cpt. Funkaho turned him on to aspects of Metal. Please give us a few favorites and a why you love them.
A:  Yeah, Funkaho is deep into that shit. Most people wouldn't think that someone lost in a world of early 80s electro & breakdance space jams could simultaneously be lost in a world of metal, but that just takes us back to the identity issues, feel me? Funkaho served as Metal Consultant on Wolf's 666 mix and provided a few of the more obscure tracks from his personal collection. Funkaho was briefly a member of Brujeria, the metal band, but few people know that because Brujeria has is all about concealed identities. Funkaho is on Stones Throw, a hip hop label, and few in Stones Throw's audience react too well to metal, but I remember Funkaho saying that his favorite Stones Throw "moment" was on the night of 6/6/06 when Wolf spun his metal set at some cocaine sniffing disco in Hollywood. Nearly everyone left the room when Wolf started spinning his metal records, and even more left when Funkaho got on the mic and started shouting all kinds of satanic hype in one of those "cookie monster" voices. It was really good though, I can promise you that. Slowly but surely, a whole new crowd wandered into the room, and by the time the needle hit Sepultura's "Roots Bloody Roots (Funkaho Remix)" the place was packed and jumping with crazy, sweaty girls, the likes of which had never been seen at a Stones Throw event. We're looking at getting the whole thing released on DVD, but it's a nightmare getting all the rights sorted out. Lawyers are always cock-blocking on Funkaho.

Q:  Where's the new Funkaho at?
A:  "Earth, Wind, and Funkaho" was finished a while back but Funkaho dropped the whole album on cassette, put it in his back pocket, and I aint heard it since. The one track we have, we leaked on the Stones Throw website a while back but only for a day. Sorry to sound like a bureaucrat, but we're working on this one too. Funkaho's biggest enemy in the business isnt the lawyers, it's himself. What else would u expect from a guy that always talks about goats & interstellar warfare?