panda bear: person pitch

"It’s really very difficult; to start in place that has no beginning. Buildings without doors or circular books like The 1001 Nights are indeed rare, but it is something in their disregard for what is conventionally implicit that initially pulls one in.

In a similar way, Panda Bear’s new album Person Pitch is a bewildering creation. The walls of sonic excess, the structural disrespect for the designated track listing and the chameleon-like nature of it all can be hard to successfully puncture. It is a gratifying experience then when the album does begin to take hold.

The experience is perplexing. Sitting comfortably in a non-descript living room, the listener finds his or herself sinking under languid waves of exultant pop retrospection. These waves are so warm and amenable that it is only when the regimentally repetitive cycles that permeate the album become apparent that the true nature of this sonic fare is called into question. Annoyed at being thrust into this mélange halfway along, the listener seeks the beginning only to find the player at 0:53, on Track 1.

I speak of chameleons because although the sentimentalities of Person Pitch calibrate to the early 60s in a way that one imagines Kerouac or Thompson would have approved of, the undertones of the album are altogether different. The monotonous percussion and rhythm, the multiple layering and the vocals and soundscapes awash with reverb call to mind an infinite Leibniz (apologies JLB) ceaselessly crafting a masterpiece from the remnants of a hopelessly fragmented memory."

(the muso)