jad fair and jason willett: superfine CD (20 songs plus 155 "bonus songs" {over 5 hours long!})


"Superfine, is a super fu$*ed up, (?), i mean super fun, wait (?), or do I mean fu$&ed up, (?), hmmm, I dunno.... Anyways, this rag-tag (and it IS supposed to sound that way) collection of CD and mp3 tracks is an enormous dose of screeching outsider geek noise to swallow all at once, but with a little time, repeated challenging listens, and some sweet sweet sugar - this medicine goes down.

The musical catastrophe co-ordinated on Superfine by the prolific Jad Fair (fertile solo performer, founding member of Half Japanese) and multi-instrumentalist Jason Willet (Baltimore based Megaphone Records founder, joined Half-Japanese in the eraly 90's) is a super fine mess of music that goes everywhere and nowhere all at once. It's like around the insides of Fair and Willett's heads in 80 days without stopping once to relax, rest or breathe. Superfine is like a runnaway freight train of punky out-there spazz-rock that only builds up speed and kinetic tension as it moves along. This album is quirky, full of quirks and quirked-out. I guess you could call this record an accidental masterpiece, or a way-too-noisy racket depending on how you see things.

The music on Superfine sounds like alien playtime orgy and every song is an original unique colourful construction papersound cut-out. Some songs are powder blue baby elephants, others are purple crowned hearts, but most are grey fuzzy porcupines. If you feel like gorging on otherworldly outsider music, or if you just feel like annoying the easily annoyed soft-rock music lover, put this disc on shuffle and fall asleep with the volume cranked.

Jad Fair’s singing style is spoken-pop poetry and his vox sound like they were recorded inside a bubble gum balloon. Willett's and co.'s backing instrumentation are the perfect side dish to Fair's quirky vocal stylings. Oh, did I mention that this album is filled to brim with quirk? It is also very funny too. The instrumentation is raggedy, fuzzy and ridiculously spontaneous. There are unavoidable crashes and creaks, hisses and hums all over this DIY-production. Yeah, spontaneous! Some songs are hits, some are misses and some are, what the..... (?), but you will have to dig through the heaping mounds produced by Fair, Willett and co., for yourself to see which numbers strike your hyper-creative sensitive fancy.

Superfine is released through the Omaha-based Public Eyesore Records USA label which specializes in experimental, avant garde, and outsider music/art."