jac berrocal: fatal encounters


jac & i spent a year and a half with phone calls & cassettes sent from paris to frederick, md (where i lived at the time) to come up with this compilation from his life's work. i brought him to frederick for his first u.s. performance which was in my record shop at that time (megaphone music). this all took place in 1992, which at that point jac's name in the u.s. was barely known. thanks to the reissues of his early albums, this has changed to a certain extent. because of a misunderstanding, fatal encounters was liscensed to a french record label only a few months after the megaphone cd came out (1993). the french issue immediately saturated the european market & because america for the most part wasnt ready to listen to jac berrocal, i was screwed...businesswise. otherwise, i have always been excited by the existence of this document of jac's music. i still have 250 copies left at this point. you can always pick up a copy at the true vine for $10. listen to the music.

(jason willett, the true vine)