two side-long excerpts from a 58-minute home-recorded performance, made in 2003 for Ben Green's "one hour as..." radio show on Resonance 103.3 FM, London. That performance turns out to have been a summary of the electronic music I made at home on four-track cassette and CDR from digital feedback circuits and the vibrating metal plate instrument invented by Dan Conrad, the Wild Wave, between 1998 and 2003. The source material for Kerflooey is comprised mostly of reworked sounds that turned up in other forms on my three previous finished records. Those solo releases are now basically unavailable, so Kerflooey works as another dose or a summary of that work - densely layered polydrones that try, through sensual immersion and pulsing, to manifest feelings, let them take their course, reveal them as lenses of time-perception and focus the lenses as close to the heart of the matter as I could. Since recording this, I became an improvising vocalist, an anthologist of early recordings, record shop co-owner and father.

(ian nagoski)