"The extreme dynamism of French pop music between 1967 and the end of the Seventies is undeniable. Just walk through any record fair in Europe, Japan or the USA to appreciate the passion of collectors for the 45's or LP's of this period. However the interest is not limited to only Gainsbourg, Dutronc, Birkin or Ferrer, because aside from these top sellers a massive and eclectic catalog of less known talents exists.
Vadim Music is thus very proud to present "Dou Da Dou The unlimited French LostCatalogue": Discover fascinating artists such as Sophie Makhno and her visionary "Obsessions 68" an incredible dialogue written one year before the 1968 riots, or the deep and warm voice of Orlane Paquin on her Pop rocket "Le Train de 10:03". Discover "Zoizoi" by France Gall and "Bailando Patropi" coming straight out of Rio de Janeiro and "Wana Nene Wana Nana" by MarcelZanini. What to say about François de Roubaix and his "Piti-Piti-Pas"? The original soundtrack for "L'Homme Orchestre", other than that it is undoubtedly one of his most important titles with his devastating guitar riff and whirling string arrangement. Still in the cinematic field, imagine a young boy running through the streets of Montmartre with "A Travers Montmartre" by Demis Roussos with its mad bass line, funk guitar and whistle. There is also "Les Tomates" by Jack Ary. This track became cult since the "Dingo" compilation released by Vadim Music in 2001. But also "Hum! Hum!" by Françoise Deldick: Torrid cover from "Love is Strange" by Mickey and Sylvia. "Syncopated Motion" by Eddie Warner: One of the maestros of the French music library. And finally "Kriminal Theme" the psychedelic masterpiece from The Maledictus Sound. Enjoy!"