cecil leuter: pop electrinique

"Pursuing our survey of French library music, we are now pleased to offer the reissue of a very peculiar record that broke quite a lot of grounds in its days : Pop Electronique. The man behind this curiosity is none other than Roger Roger, an outstanding composer whose path Dare-Dare has already crossed (Nino Nardini & Roger Roger / Jungle Obsession / DD014), Cecil Leuter being the pen-name he would use for his electronic jaunts. 
His various collaborations with the ORTF (the former French broadcasting corporation) gave Roger an easy and early access to all the new technologies. He was one of the first in France (along with Pierre Henri and Jean Jacques Perrey) to try the Moog Synthesizer. Put on the market in 1964 by Bob Moog’s company, this new musical medium generated an unprecedented excitement and allowed the craziest experimentations. In 1972, their release of the Minimoog, cheaper and smaller, made the synthesizer available to all and transfigured musical creation. Pop Electronique, released in 1969, is one of these pioneer albums combining acoustic, electric and electronic music. A skilful blend of electronic ecstasy, Pop, Jerk and Breakbeats…"

(vadim music)