The True Vine Record Shop is not your usual mainstream online music store. 

Check out our artists of interest: Margo Guryan’s 25 Demons, Ennio Morricone, Chico Buarque, Mainliner’s Mellow Out, Yoko Ono’s Fly, Melvin Jackson’s Funky Skull, Brigette Fontaine’s Vous Et Nus, The Reverend Lester Knox of Tifton, Georgia’s Put Your Face in Gwod: The 366th Revival, Joe Meek’s I Hear A New World, An Outer Music Fantasy, Guigou Chenevier’s Arthur Et Les Robots, Philippe Besombes’ Libra, No Dovtor’s Hunting Season, John and Beverly Martyn’s Stormbringer, The Wide Weird World of Henry Jacobs,  Cecil Leuter’s Pop Electrinoque, Gary Wilson’s You Think You Really Know Me, Luc Ferrari’s Tautologos and Other Early Electronic Works, Leprechaun Catering’s Kumquats and Lychees, Shin Jung Hyun and The Men’s It’s A Lie, Cromagnon’s Cave Rock, Bernard Estardy’s La Formule du Baron, Little Howlin’ Wolf, Nervous Norvus, Michael Evans, Jac Berrocal’s Musiq Musik, The Monks, France Gall, and Francois Hardy. 

Here are a few of the records that we offer in True Vine Record Shop: Black Mirror’s reflection in Global Music, J. Dilla’s Donuts, Music de Wolfe Sound Library Volume One, G and D’s The Message, Ian Nagoski’s Kerflooey, Lipa Kodi Ya City Council, Dungen’s Tio Bitar, Zanzibara’s The  1960s Sound  of Tanzania, The Modern Tribe’s Celebration, Georgia Anne Muldrow’s Olesi: Fragments of an Earth, Snack’s Natural Snacks, Finder’s Keepers’ Selda, Don Cherry’s Tibet, Judy Sill, Lee Rockey Music, and Susan Alcorn. Have you found one that you like already? How about The Budos Band, Nautical Almanac’s Cover the Earth, Pandit Pran Nath’s Raga Cycle, Sejayno’s Laity, Panda Bear’s Person Pitch, J. Dilla’s Ruff Draft, or Jean Claud Vanier’s L’Enfant Assassin des Mouches? 

True Vine features an eclectic mix of music from rock, alternative, pop, indie, psychedelic, hip-hop, and jazz genres. We searched through French, African, Turkish, German and Korean musical libraries, works of outstanding musical composers, records that go all the way back in the 1920s during the golden age of music, pioneers of pop rock, albums that use homemade instruments and not your usual technical instruments, albums recorded inside their homes, and rare musical compilations to give you the best collection of nontraditional music albums. The True Vine Shop veers away from mainstream music to give the much-deserved spotlight to other artists who made an impact in their respective lands’ music industry. We have hard to find, off the record shops albums for the weirdos, freaks, and music junkies out there. Our selections are admittedly eclectic and eccentric for the usual taste but we are not mainstream anyway. 

The True Vine Record Shop features behind the scene photos and snapshots exclusive from inside the bands’ garage in Milwaukee WI, a compilation of album reviews not just from our resident music enthusiasts, Ian and Jason, but also from writers in different blogs, newspapers, and magazines in the music industry. Yes, we do all the music research and search the musical archives for you to get the juiciest bit of information that you need about your favorite solo or band performers. We also interview artists of interest. 

We hope you give these artists a chance to entertain you. Expect to be amused and amazed by their oftentimes unstructured music. All of these are available at your True Vine Record Shop.